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PK-79 Matchbox M24 Chaffee.

Kit number: PK-79

The M24 "Chaffee" was named after General Adana R. Chaffee and was first produced in April 1944. A total of 4,070 were produced by June 1945 and it saw action during the crossing of the Rhine and the final advance into Germany, during the Pacific Campaign and later in the Korean war against North Korean T34/85 tanks.

The Chaffee had a range of 100 miles and cruised at 25mph with a top speed of 34mph. Its main armament was a 75mm turret-mounted gun and had storage for 48 rounds of 75mm shells.

Kit/Price range Purple
Date of production: 1974
Manufacturer: Lesney Products & Co Ltd.
Scale: 1/76
Number of parts: 59
Skill level: 2 (dots)
Decal unit types: (1) - 12th U.S. Armoured Division, 43rd tank batallion, 1945.
(2) - 13th U.S. Armoured Division, 24th tank batallion, 1945.