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PK-75 Matchbox Humber Mk. II.

Kit number: PK-75

First introduced in 1941, the Humber Armoured Car was first used as a light, mobile reconnaissance vehicle and as such were often in action. A total of 5,400 Humber armoured cars were produced.

With a top speed of 45 m.p.h. and a range of 250 miles, the Humber was found to be highly effective in the Western Desert campaign due to it's manoeuvrability in the open desert, although the engine life was reputed to be limited to only 3,000 miles.

Humber armoured cars also served in Europe in an anti-aircraft capacity with armoured Car Regimental Headquarters.

Kit/Price range Purple
Date of production: 1973
Manufacturer: Lesney Products & Co Ltd.
Scale: 1/76
Number of parts: 64
Skill level: 2 (dots)
Decal unit types: (1) - 12th Royal Lancers, 1st Armoured Division, Western Desert, 1942.
(2) - 5th Royal Tank Regt, 4th Armoured Brigade, 7th Arm/Div. Western Desert, 1942.