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PK-80 Matchbox Jagdpanther.

Kit number: PK-80

First produced in December 1943, the Jagdpanther was probably the best tank destroyer produced by Germany during W.W.II.

The outstanding fire power of the 8.8 cm gun and excellent mobility made it a formidable opponent in combat. Over 380 were produced at Braunschweig and Hannover.

The Jagdpanther carried sixty rounds of ammunition and had a combat range of between 80 and 160 km.

Kit/Price range Purple
Date of production: 1974
Manufacturer: Lesney Products & Co Ltd.
Scale: 1/76
Number of parts: 51
Skill level: 2 (dots)
Decal unit types: (1) - XII SS panzer division (Hitler Jugend).
(2) - XXVIII freiwilligen panzer grenadier division.