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PK-79 Matchbox M7 HMC 105mm / "Priest".

Kit number: PK-89

Manufactured by the American Locomotive Company, the M7 was based on the earlier M3 medium chassis mounting a 105mm M1A2 Howitzer and a .5" Browning.

This open-topped self-propelled gun, nicknamed "The Priest" because of its high pulpit-like anti-aircraft mounting, first saw action with the british in Egypt in September 1942, when ninety of these S.P.s were delivered in time to take part in the Second Battle of Alamein. It was later widely used by all the Allied Armies in every theatre of war.

Kit/Price range Purple
Date of production: 1979
Manufacturer: Lesney Products & Co Ltd.
Scale: 1/76
Number of parts: 117
Skill level: 3 (dots)
Decal unit types: (1) - U.S. 5th Army, Mount Camino, Italy, Dec. 6th 1943.
(2) - 12th H.A.C. Regiment (R.H.A.), Italy, cassino Plain, May 16th 1944.